A BixAgent is a breakthrough in systems management. It is an optimized Stuart runtime, which is our open source Lua-based Embedded Spark, capable of running concurrent Spark Streaming control loops and able to publish synthetic metrics derived from raw metrics using maching learning algorithithms such as k-means clustering. This makes BixAgent the first truly "edge analytics" capable systems management agent.

A BixAgent might be installed on servers co-located in a data center, such as each machine of a given OpenStack or Kubernetes cluster. But a BixAgent is also designed to be autonomic and to run untethered, so it swarms equally well within IoT devices such as drones or refrigerators.

Together, BixAgent+BixServer enable an elegant and unified Lua+Spark programming model that works with standard Spark models on radically diverse hardware. There's never been an easier way to leverage and deploy the richness and power of Spark.

    nubix 3.x Architecture 1-pager (black background).png

    Tech specs:

    • Go-based with no dynamic library dependencies
    • BoltDB-backed embedded kafka and WebHDFS
    • Base agent runs in 10 MB of RAM, Spark jobs in 20 MB
    • Docker & RPM packaging

    For more information: